Terms & Conditions

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The following Rules and Regulations are for your safety - please ensure that you have read them before taking to the ice and listen to all instructions from our ice marshals or Management.


Please note: you are required to skate in an anti-clockwise direction - however on some occasions the staff may instruct all skaters to skate in a clockwise direction. Please ensure that you are skating in the correct direction at all times.


Skating is entirely at your own risk. The management will not be responsible for any loss or injury incurred. Skaters and Spectators understand and agree to the following:

By engaging in skating both skaters and spectators are deemed to have knowledge of, and assume the risk of skating which include but are not limited to the following:

  • a) Injuries that result from collision or contact with other skaters or other individuals who are on the skating surface
  • b) Injuries that result from falls
  • c) Injuries that involve objects or artificial structures that are within the properly intended path of travel of the skater
  • Skaters and Spectators also agree to:

  • Maintain reasonable control of his/her speed at all times
  • Read and abide by all the posted signs and warnings and co-operate with the Ice Staff
  • Maintain a proper lookout to avoid other skaters, objects or conditions on the surface of the rink
  • Accept responsibility for knowing the range of his/her abilities while on skates, and skate within the limits of that ability and as appropriate to the session on which he/she is skating
  • Refrain from skating whilst under the influence of drugs, alcohol or other control impairing substance
  • Leave the surface of the ice when resurfacing maintenance is taking place, when sessions end or as directed by staff
  • Refrain from taking food and drink onto the rink surface
  • Refrain from acting in a matter that may cause or contribute to injury of themselves or any other person
  • Refrain from instigating or becoming involved in any type of altercations with any other skater or spectator and engaging in abusive, abrasive or disorderly conduct
  • Not sit, climb or put feet on the barrier
  • We hold the right to refuse entry onto the ice to anyone not complying with the above. Skaters asked to leave or removed from the Ice Rink area will not be refunded for their session fee if breaking this Code of Conduct.

    No skating this year..


    Cathedral press release Oct 2014

    Truro, Cornwall, 20 October, 2014: The Chapter of Truro Cathedral is disappointed to confirm that there will be no Ice Rink on the Cathedral Green this year. This difficult decision had to be made due to the impact of current repair work taking place on the North-West Tower and the commencement of the Old Cathedral School refurbishment. As recent media coverage has shown, essential repair work is taking place on the mullions (the vertical window dividers) on the North-West Tower of the Cathedral. This work involves extensive scaffolding around the tower, the base of which is unfortunately positioned at the usual entrance to the Ice Rink. Although it is hoped that the repair work will be complete and the scaffolding removed by the end of November, the nature of the work means this cannot be guaranteed and the logistics of coordinating the timeframe of both activities has made it impossible to arrange the ice-rink this year. Additionally, Truro Cathedral is about to commence work on the restoration and refurbishment of the Old Cathedral School with the aim to establish a creative arts and music centre that is accessible to everyone. This work too, demands use of some of the space usually occupied by the ice rink. Commenting on the decision, The Very Reverent Roger Bush, Dean of Truro, said “The ice rink has been very popular over the past two years and we understand and share the disappointment this decision may cause. However, as custodians of the Cathedral, we have to balance this against many factors including health and safety and our responsibility to preserve, conserve and develop this incredible building. Put simply, the safety of the public, the North-West Tower restoration and the Old Cathedral School project, which will create a community based building that will create future investment in the life of Truro, must take priority.” The status and progression of the Old Cathedral School project will play a big part in the decision as to whether the ice-rink will return in 2015. The Very Reverent Roger Bush continued “There is no doubt that the ice-rink brings a fun and festive element to the City of Truro and we are not saying that it is gone for good. If refurbishment work is at the point we hope it will be in the summer of next year, we will look at whether it would be possible for the ice-rink to return next year.


    (Skate hire is free)
    **Children under 7 must be accompanied by an adult.